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If you come for a walk to AlMeleto, there are two other places in Val di Non that you must visit: The Parco Fluviale Novella, directly next to the itinerary and Mondomelinda, the home of most famous apple, which is directly on the main road that carries towards Trento. Getting there is really easy!

mondo melinda

In Segno

 open from Monday to Sunday

To get to know the secrets of the apple with the unmistakeable taste, in 1997 MondoMelinda was founded, the visitors’ centre of the Melinda Consortium. Booking a guided tour you will have the opportunity to find all the answers to your questions about apples, cultivation, and work within the cooperatives. You will also be able to satisfy your taste buds along the way. Visiting MondoMelinda will give you the opportunity to purchase your favourite apples, the Melinda products and all apple based products throughout the year.


In Romallo

open from March until October

3,5km of natural path in the green heart of Val di Non, through apple orchards, lush woods and breathtaking canyons. Here, the sweet and wild souls of the valley meet and create a small, unique world of contrasts you must see.


Furthermore there are so many places where nature is still queen: an enchanting orchard where you can discover the most ancient varieties of apples, fun walks for the whole family, a rose paradise in a Botanic garden quite high on the mountain. 


In Cles

always open


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In Revò and Romallo

always open

the garden of the rose

In Ronzone

open from March until October