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You are about to start a new trip into the magic world of our apples and all that surrounds them. 

AlMeleto is a really unique and special path! A walk for young and old where you will discover new places, get to know the apples and how they are cultivated, play with the insects, admire the beautiful unseen landscapes of the Val diNon, rest in the woods, smell scents, contemplate, read or simply walk…

AlMeleto is a recreational path, brought to life by Melinda, the Val di Non Tourism Office, the Strada della mela e dei sapori della Val di Non e di Sole (the street of apples and tastes of the Val di Non and Val di Sole), the municipality of Romallo, the Provincia Autonoma di Trento and Studio MI9.



You will have learned many things by the end of your walk!

We will tell you all about apples: how the farmers work, of the weather, which sometimes supports the apples’ growth and sometimes hinders it, of the animals and insects that inhabit the orchards. We will show you the landscape and describe its history. We shall tell you why the trees get ill and need to be cured, and we will tell you a unique and simple story, the story of 5.000 families that work together...


Learning through play. Nothing is better suited than AlMeleto!

Every now and then, as you follow the itinerary, you will encounter some strangely intriguing houses which only open with a magic key. What is hidden inside them? Among the trees, if you raise your eye line towards the sky, you will notice some funny figures. Will you be able to progress beyond them or will you have to solve a riddle first? This apple that rolls, rolls, rolls, where will it end? 


Because, in the end, AlMeleto has always been such a wonderful path to take!

Loved and visited by the locals, the AlMeleto path is a real discovery for all, inhabitants of the Val di Non included! A different and unknown corner of the Val di Non which, step by step, offers unique and unexpected views. A path suitable for all, bicycles and baby carriers, there is only a little uphill piece in the final bit. Comfortable shoes and clothing is all you need, and then off you go!


Val di Non, the most soothing of the Trentino valleys.

Imagine a terrace from which you can embrace an entire valley, a bed from which you can enjoy the view of the snowy peaks of the Dolomites, comfortable hammocks in the wood where you can lie listening to the soft noise of the moving leaves. Sit down into a giant apple that changes colours with the passing of the seasons and rest for some time in a hut full of books...

NOT ONLY almeleto 

Trust us, Val di Non is beautiful!

This lush bit of earth is much more than an Alpine valley: better defined as an immense orchard, with a sweet look and a lively heart. At its centre the lake of Santa Giustina collects the waters that through millennia carved into the landscape, creating very imposing canyons. All around the vista is surrounded by the majestic Brenta Dolomites, Unesco Heritage, and by the wild mountain chain of the Maddalene. Also to be found are hermitages, castles, small villages... 

Val di Non deserves some of your time. Let yourself get spoiled by our hospitality and by the authenticity of what we produce here.



Raise a hand if you like good food!

Before or after walking though the AlMeleto path, the Val di Non cuisine must be tasted. There are many products of this territory and there are many places to taste them: agritourisms, refuges, small mountain barns and restaurants. Have you ever tasted a tortel de patate? Have you ever heard of the “gnocchi smalzadi” or of the “mosa”? And have you ever had a slice of “mortandela”? No, we did not say mortadella... 

MORTANDELA!  Ok, it is really time to book a table.



No, really, much more than going to sleep.

We told you how beautiful is Val di Non, how many things you can do in this territory, we have told you about good food, castles, alpine lakes, canyons. Did you know that the locals are very hospitable and welcoming? At this stage it is perfectly acceptable to dream of a holiday in Val di Non and we can give you all information to realise this dream. First of all, you can start looking forward to the scent of wood, the cosy feeling of a soft white duvet, the heat of a working stove, the fragrant aroma of a cake just taken out of the oven.



Photo by katyenka/iStock / Getty Images

A strange road, full of tasty things!

The Association Strada della Mela e dei Sapori (The road of apples and tastes) coordinates and promotes over 100 producers who cultivate, work, transform, refine and distil the precious gifts of this generous fertile earth. Many estates are spread across the territory open for guests, for purchases and for tastings.


A gift to yourself or your friends, what could be more beautiful?



Our top recommendation!

If you come for a walk to AlMeleto, there are two other places in Val di Non that you must visit: The Parco Fluviale Novella, directly next to the itinerary and Mondomelinda, the home of most famous apple, which is directly on the main road that carries towards Trento. Getting there is really easy!


In Romallo

open from March until October

3,5km of natural path in the green heart of Val di Non, through apple orchards, lush woods and breathtaking canyons. Here, the sweet and wild souls of the valley meet and create a small, unique world of contrasts you must see.


mondo melinda

In Segno

open from Tuesday to Saturday

To get to know the secrets of the apple with the unmistakeable taste, in 1997 MondoMelinda was founded, the visitors’ centre of the Melinda Consortium. Booking a guided tour you will have the opportunity to find all the answers to your questions about apples, cultivation, and work within the cooperatives. You will also be able to satisfy your taste buds along the way. Visiting MondoMelinda will give you the opportunity to purchase your favourite apples, the Melinda products and all apple based products throughout the year.

Furthermore there are so many places where nature is still queen: an enchanting orchard where you can discover the most ancient varieties of apples, fun walks for the whole family, a rose paradise in a Botanic garden quite high on the mountain.


In Cles

always open

other walks

Discover more on VisitValdiNon


In Revò and Romallo

always open


the garden of the rose

In Ronzone

open from March until October


Every occasion is good to celebrate in Val di Non!

We celebrate the unique beauty of the blooming orchards, we honor the good harvest, we remember with joy the old traditions, we value our aristocratic past as well as our farming roots. Come celebrate with us!




Quando la Val di Non si veste da sposa ecco che arriva puntuale Fiorinda, la più “petalosa” delle feste! Immaginate milioni e milioni di fiori bianchi che incorniciano un weekend ricco di animazione, gusto, prodotti locali, musica e molto altro.  



12 - 13 ottobre 2019

E quando tutto è compiuto, le mele sono raccolte e pronte per arrivare sulle vostre tavole, beh noi allora festeggiamo! Pomaria è l’evento più atteso dell’anno e tanti amici arrivano da ogni luogo per celebrare con noi la regina dei prodotti trentini: la mela Val di Non. Ti aspettiamo!

il trenino dei castelli

 da Trento

 tutti i sabati da maggio a settembre

Non solo Val di Non ma anche Val di Sole in questa proposta unica e inimitabile. Un treno che sale verso i monti alla scoperta di 4 castelli, una giornata immersi nella storia e nell’arte accompagnati da guide esperte.

tanto altro

Restate aggiornati!

Musica sulle Dolomiti, escursioni guidate, degustazioni narrate, attività per le famiglie, mostre d’arte ma anche esperienze nella stalla. Noi ti illustriamo tutto quello che puoi fare, e tu scegli: più semplice di così!